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Website Add-Ons

AdExtend offers a full range of Website Services and Features which can be added to your Website, Package or Page-Picked.

You may purchase any number of the services offered to fine tune your site to your specific needs and budget. Our Site Services are available for Site Packages and Page-Picker Sites.

For consultation more information regarding Site Add-Ons, Features and services - Contact Us

Websites that Sell
Online Payment
Shopping Carts, Purchase, Subscription, Donation, Check-Out and Online Payment Processing can be installed on your site. Please visit our E-commerce Section for details.

Offline Payment
If you wish to accept orders Online but get paid Off-line we can set an order form to allow order processing via E-mail. Visit our E-commerce section for details

Commonly Needed Services
Select from the tabs to the left the Website Services you would like to add to your site. All the services tabbed on the left are available for ALL AdExtend Sites.

Advanced Website Services

Forms, Scripts, Databases, Access limited Sites (log-ins), Message Boards, Mailing Lists (Opt, In/Out) and other functions are also available for larger sites.

Please consult the Package Comparison table to determine if the service you require is offered for your site size.

Contact Us for quotes.

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Traffic Monitoring
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