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Purchase Additional Hosting Time As Needed
One Year Online Hosting
Price: $150
Annual Hosting agreement includes free site update after 6 months (up to 2 hours work)
Monthly subscription to online hosting
Price: $15 / month

A subscription requires a minimum initial pre-paid period of 3 months.
It entitles you to have your website updated every 6 months for FREE! (up to 2 hours work)

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For Continuous Hosting
NOTE: If you pay by check, money order or through your bank account, your payment will have to clear for your extension request to be accepted.

Minimum length of subscription is 3 months with advanced payment. Subscription payments are handled separately from your shopping cart.

Domain Registration / Renewal
One Year Domain Registration or Renwal: $20
Website Hosting
E-mail accounts
Traffic Monitoring
Site Reload
Site on CD
Return Service
Instant Feedback

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