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We hope your website has served its purpose, and that you had a good experience with AdExtend. We are looking forwards to serving you again, should you ever need another website.

Your site will be automatically removed at the end of your prepaid hosting period. If you wish to remove your site sooner please use the form below. Your site's URL and order number will be used for verification, please enter them correctly. Your site will not be removed if either your URL or order number are incorrect.

NOTE: AdExtend will not refund hosting fees (whole or partial) upon early removal of sites. Your site will be removed within 24 hours* of receipt of your request.

You may also use the following form to send us a quick note.
E-mail address (do not use your AdExtend E-mail address)
Please enter your site's URL and order number, and indicate the date you would like your site to be removed
Site on CD
Would you like to have your entire site burned on a CD for safe keeping and future reference?
Price: $12
including shipping and handling.

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