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AdExtend is designed to provide a cost efficient and fast advertising aid by designing and posting web sites and providing the site owner with a URL to include in newspaper ads, newsletters, business cards, reports, resume or other publications.

AdExtend does not control, limit, encourage or direct internet access (traffic, hits) to any of the sites it designs, and does not collect or store information regarding traffic to those sites except by providing page loads or visitor counters and basic reports regarding the number of visitors and page loads to the sites if the service is requested and paid for by the site owner.

AdExtend will not design a site before payment is received and clears, site material arrives in full and the site owner's contact information as it is to appear on the site is confirmed. Please refer to our How to Order section for instructions to ensure a smooth transaction and the speedy posting of your site.

In the event that the cost of the website and/or work done by AdExtend to create a website exceeds the amount already paid, balance would be due upon the receipt of invoice by the site's owner, regardless of whether the site's owner considers the website completed. Failure to pay AdExtend for all work done on a website will result in the prompt removal of the site or the posting of payment reminders ont he website itself, as well as the implementation of any collection methods and procedures as allowed by the law - at AdExtend's discretion.

AdExtend reservs the right to refuse performing any additional work on website for which money is owed until the owed balance is paid in full.

AdExtend will not intentionally host a site, or keep hosting a site past its prepaid hosting period or requested removal date.

AdExtend is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from late payments which cause a delay in a site's design or posting, or removal of a site due to late, delayed, canceled or returned payment. AdExtend is also not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from late removal of a site past its prepaid hosting period.

AdExtend does not produce the content of the sites it deigns and posts. All site content originates, belongs to and is the responsibility and property of the person(s) or entity who ordered and owns the site.

By placing a web site order with AdExtend, the prospective site owner agrees to accept the designed site as it is designed by AdExtend. The sites designed by AdExtend follow in style and size the templates shown in our catalogues. No major design changes are included in the listed prices, and none will be performed unless agreed upon in writing or e-mail, and paid for prior to the design of the site. After the sites are designed and posted only minor changes or corrections will be performed at the site owner's request within 24 hours of the initial posting of the site free of charge. Any additional changes, updates or corrections are subject to fees depending on the extent of the required work.

AdExtend does not guarantee success or improved response to your advertising due to the posting of a site.

AdExtend reserves the right to refuse the design and / or posting of illegal, inappropriate, harmful or damaging material with or without explanation at AdExtend's own discretion.

AdExtend will strive to avoid causing any harm to any of it's clients (site owners) or possible viewers of the sites it designs and hosts, therefore AdExtend will refrain from posting damaging information or computer files suspected of posing electronic / software or other threat.

Political, economical, personal or any other claims made on sites designed and posted by AdExtend do not reflect the opinion of AdExtend, its owner or its' employees. They are the property and responsibility of the person(s) or entity who ordered and owns the site.

AdExtend will not knowingly post any copyrighted material without prior written permission from the copyrights owner. AdExtend will immediately remove any copyright protected material which was erroneously posted on any of the sites it designed or posted. In such cases AdExtend will not refund or compensate the site owner or any other party involved for the removal of the copyright protected material or for any perceived or actual loss or damage that may have resulted from the removal of the said material or from the initial posting the material as provided by the site owner.

Files posted or linked to via sites designed or posted by AdExtend are limited in format and size. Please view our File Formats section for more information.

Material sent to AdExtend for inclusion in a site has to conform to our File Formats and size guidelines. Unless included in a Site Package, any required adjustments or changes to the material (scanning, optimizing, typing etc.) have to be paid for in advance. Failure to pay for such required work will result in the omission of the material from the site.

In the event that a prepaid site or portion of it, or change or update to an existing site is rejected by AdExtend for any reason, AdExtend will attempt to contact the site owner and reach agreement on alteration or amendment of the order or material so that the order can be filled. Failing this, AdExtend will not post the site or file, or perform the change or update. In such a case a refund for the rejected site or portion of site if applicable, change or update will be offered after a deduction of $15 for processing the request and after further deductions to cover any expenses the work on the said file, site or change may have incurred before it was rejected.

Cancellation of site or service order by the site owner will entitle the site owner for refund only if the cancellation occurred prior to the design of the site. Site or order cancellation after the design of the site weather posted online or not, will not entitle the site owner for any refund. In case a refund is offered, the refund will be issued within a week of cancellation in the form of a check mailed to the site owner's mailing address. The refund amount will be calculated by deducting $15 processing fee and the cost of any other work already done on the site or materials submitted from the payment amount(s) that already cleared.

Any material to be posted on a site which arrives by mail will be kept by AdExtend until the site is posted and approved by the owner. Unless a Return Service is requested and paid for in advance, AdExtend will not return any material by mail. AdExtend does not store, reuse, sell or share in any way the material sent by advertisers for inclusion in their site. Please view our Privacy Policy for more information regarding your privacy.

Hosting subscriptions are subject to initial prepaid period. Cancellation of a subscription before the end of the prepaid period will not entitle the site owner for any refund. Cal elation of hosting subscription will result in the removal of the site by the date requested, however no refund will be offered for the remaining prepaid period. Subscription cancellation has to be performed by the site owner by following instructions on our Unsubscribe page. Failure to complete the 'unsubscribe' process will result in continuation of subscription charges via PayPal.

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